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VBS: Opportunities to Serve the Lord by David Cummings

Vacation Bible school (VBS) is a great blessing because it gives the church an opportunity to do what the Lord has called her to do—proclaim the excellences of our life-giving Lord, fellowship with one another, edify God’s people for growth and service, nurture our covenant children, and worship the Lord.

For the pastor, it provides an opportunity to do the work of an evangelist and be personally involved in teaching and equipping disciples. What a joy it is to go door-to-door with the children of the church and eyeball them during a lesson! For all the teachers and helpers, VBS opens a door for witness to the gospel, which is the power of God for salvation. It gives covenant young people an opportunity to invite friends and neighborhood children who are without Christ and have no church affiliation to hear the gospel, with the prayer that they might trust in Christ alone for salvation.

VBS is a blessing because, though we are weak, our hope and strength are in our strong God, who is able to save young people and cause them to mature in him. Read the rest of this entry »


VBS: Recruit and Train Staff

Recruitment for VBS workers should begin as soon as you begin planning. There is much work to be done before the children come. Put out the call for volunteers first through announcements in church and Sunday school. Be sure to allot several weeks to recruit carefully.

  1. Match people to jobs. Pray that the Lord will guide you.
  2. Call the prospective worker and arrange a personal meeting.
  3. During this meeting, explain the goal of this year’s VBS, the job proposed, and why you think the person is right for the position.
  4. Pray with the prospect and ask him or her to consider your request. Arrange to contact the person at a later date for an answer.

The time you spend with your staff before VBS starts will set the tone for your program. Try to develop a team spirit that will be evident to the children and parents you are trying to reach. Make certain your team members understand their roles and responsibilities and those of their teammates. Read the rest of this entry »