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Disciple-Making with a Difference

What makes a Sunday school curriculum Reformed? Is it the biblical content or the teaching methods employed or the way lessons are illustrated? Certainly these elements are driven by and reflect the publisher’s theological standards. But it goes much deeper at Great Commission Publications. We operate on the supposition that nurturing covenant children in the faith is a crucial part of Christ’s mandate to be disciple makers. That mandate must be carried out in sync with our heritage and the distinctive doctrines of grace.

Before we write a single lesson, we begin with an attitude toward Scripture. Our approach is to regard it as the “whole counsel of God.” We believe it is important to see the entirety of the Bible as God’s complete, unified revelation. Every small piece of biblical truth is part of a whole, and ultimately all the pieces fit together perfectly to comprise the message God wants to convey to us.

There are two practical implications to this underlying perspective: Read the rest of this entry »


Teenage Age Level Characteristics

What are the issues that concern your High school students?

Teens work through questions such as these:

  • What makes a good friend?
  • How can I be popular?
  • When should I be like my friends? When different?
  • What does “being in love” mean?
  • How can I be loyal to God and to my friends?

Parents and people in authority are topics your students think and talk about. They disagree with their parents about things ranging from fashion to Christianity. They wonder whether their parents’ values are their own. All teenagers have to grapple with the role of authority in their lives even if they don’t experience classic rebellion against church, home, and school. Read the rest of this entry »