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The Whole Counsel of God by Dr. Edmund P. Clowney

Children love stories. Jesus loved stories too, and told them often. Yet he was never just a storyteller. Jesus, the Son of God, knew the whole story, the story of God’s plan to deliver sinners who had rebelled against him. The wonder of the story is the love of God for those who were his enemies. Before creating the world, God chose lost sinners to be his children.

To save those who hated him, God had to come down from heaven. Our situation was so desperate that only he could help us, and his promises were so great that only he could make good on them. The story of the Bible begins with God’s creation of the world, tells of the sin of our first parents in heeding the words of Satan and of their being driven from the Garden of Eden. In judging the serpent, the Lord also promised the coming of the Son of the woman, who would suffer in order to crush the serpent and the power of evil. Read the rest of this entry »


What Makes Show Me Jesus Unique? by Mark Lowrey

Most Bible curriculum on the market today would claim to be true to the Scripture. However, one’s view of Scripture has major implications in how a curriculum writer interprets the Word and makes application of the truth to life.

All of GCP’s materials grow out of our understanding that God has progressively revealed himself and his plan for the redemption of his people.  He is accomplishing his great purposes in history and has interpreted them for us in his inspired Word.  He did this over centuries and millennia, covering many generations in differing historical contexts.

God’s eternal, historical, redemptive purpose is implemented in his promises given to Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, and David – all fulfilled in Christ.  We believe that every portion of Scripture taught must be approached from this overarching perspective.

For each Sunday school lesson, our writers must ask the foundational question:  what does this passage have to do with the eternal redemptive purpose of God in Jesus Christ?  How can our children, our young people, our adults see Jesus? We believe this makes us unique.

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Wisdom for Seeking Volunteers by Robert Edmiston

Getting volunteers is a major problem in just about every church.  Keeping them is equally difficult.

A lot of people simply feel that they are too busy to volunteer. And, for the most part, we do minister to those for whom time is a more precious commodity than money. But somehow most of us do the things we really want to do.

Often unspoken, but nonetheless lurking in the background, is the feeling that what is being asked is not worthy of their commitment. And if ware honest, sometimes we must admit that is true. Most of us in some way want to make our lives count. So if a person is asked to do a job, we need to be sure that the person knows just how important that job is. Read the rest of this entry »


Have a Teacher Training Ministry that Works by Dan Boulton

What are the fundamentals of good Christian education in a church? After a few minutes of thought, most people would create a list which would include such things as: good curriculum, a reasonable budget, motivated students, support from the pastor as well as dedicated and trained teachers of faith.

However, many churches have a difficult time not only recruiting teachers but also lack an ongoing training and discipleship ministry for teachers. This article is designed to address the fundamental need of all churches to train their new and existing teachers. Read the rest of this entry »