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Kids’ Quest Class Tips by Sue Jakes

One of the main goals of the Kids’ Quest Catechism Club program is to aid children in the memorization of First Catechism. Not all children memorize quickly and enjoy the task.

Educational studies have proven that this has more to do with how a person processes information than a person’s intelligence. In other words, some of your brightest students may struggle with memory work. What to do? Find activities that will accommodate and challenge every learning style. Read the rest of this entry »


Memorization: Helpful Tips for Success

Below are some activities included in Kids’ Quest and some additional suggestions to improve learning in your classroom.


1. Say the question and answer in different voices. Deep, high and squeaky, or whisper. Start normal and get louder.  Start loud and get softer. Start slow and get faster.

2. Say (or write) the answer with at least one mistake. Have kids tell you how to correct it. (Christ obeyed some of the law for his people… – NO, the whole law) Read the rest of this entry »


Striving to Teach Strong Biblical Truths in Your Ministry?

Striving to Teach Strong Biblical Truths in Your Ministry? Start with your children—there is no better place.

What is Catechism? Catechism is simply a list of questions and answers that help students learn important biblical truths in a short memorable form. Children benefit greatly from the rote memorization of the catechism and it teaches them theological vocabulary. However, the goal of Kids’ Quest Catechism Club is not only memorization, but an initial understanding that will lay a foundation for the children’s belief and trust in God.

Kids’ Quest uses biblical accounts of God’s work in the world to illustrate his character and explain abstract theological truths in a concrete way. This curriculum is designed to minister to covenant children. The goal is to help children learn that they were made for God’s glory and to apply this purpose to their life. The curriculum points children to the Lord Jesus Christ, the only means by which we are able to glorify God.

The flexibility of the Kids’ Quest program allows churches to adapt the resources to their own needs. It employs solid teaching, memorization, music, games, art, learning activities . . . and lots of repetition. Everything combines to impact both teacher and student.

Interested to know more? Read the rest of this entry »