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Teaching for Life by Thomas R. Patete, Executive Director of GREAT COMMISSION PUBLICATIONS

The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. (Psalm 19:7 ESV)

That conviction appears to be lost in our society. The prevailing philosophy de jour (post-modern or otherwise) disdains absolute truth of any stripe. Thus ethical dilemmas abound, spiritual priorities take on an entirely different meaning and the Ten Commandments end up being debated in the public square.

Against such a backdrop, it’s even more critical that God’s people hold forth his law as an embodiment of his character and the object of our love. Historically, Great Commission Publications has incorporated teaching on the Decalogue at several points in the children’s Sunday school curriculum. And we’re continuing to do so with even greater intentionality in view of the challenges believers face today.

An underlying practical purpose in GCP’s Show Me Jesus curriculum is to lead children in using the means of grace. Christian education is all about fostering the ability to form a biblical worldview. Sunday school and other nurturing endeavors download lots of biblical information—and that’s essential to the life-long process of being a disciple of Christ. In addition, we must be sure that such knowledge acquisition leads to answering the question, “How then shall we think, live, worship and serve with an ultimate focus on glorifying God!”

God’s model and method for making disciples is all-inclusive. It requires developing a Christian mind and heart for the things of God with an ability to operate on a day-to-day basis from a Christian world-and-life-view perspective. That’s where we begin to see the transformation taking place, because it will affect every area of our lives and touch every area of our culture as we live our faith.
Making Kingdom Disciples by Charles Dunahoo (© 2005, P&R Publishing Co.)

Whether dealing with God’s law or another aspect of his Word, the curriculum, the process and the fruit (we pray!) are the same. We’re seeking to be faithful instruments in God’s hands to effect growth in grace among his people.



























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