Vacation Bible School

How to Plan Your VBS

For most churches, planning this year’s VBS began the day after last year’s VBS ended. Evaluations of previous programs are important tools as you begin to plan. Ask those who were involved last year — workers, parents, students — to comment on the past VBS. Listen carefully to determine what aspects to keep as well as what to improve.

Making Your VBS Evangelistic

Why put so much time and effort into a one-week program for children each year? If you poll the adults involved in your church ministry today, you will find that many of their testimonies include a VBS or camp experience. During a week like this, many covenant children realize that their relationship with Christ must be a personal one. Through GCP’s curriculum, the gospel message is presented clearly and simply so that the children you are trying to reach in your community may come, hear and hopefully understand what Christ has done for them.

Promoting Your VBS

Great Commission Publications provides you with all the resources necessary to promote your upcoming VBS program. However, without a thorough and detailed publicity plan, your VBS may not effectively reach the community.

Choosing the Right Team

How to Recruit and Train Staff

The time you spend with your staff before VBS starts will set the tone for your program. Try to develop a team spirit that will be evident to the children and parents you are trying to reach. Make certain your team members understand their roles and responsibilities and those of their teammates.

Training sessions should be thorough yet enjoyable. Familiarize team members with the organization of this year’s program and the use of your facilities and time. Encourage them to be praying throughout their preparation and during VBS. Everyone, not just teachers, should know the daily themes and Bible stories. Make your staff aware of your statement of purpose.

More Tips and Ideas Concerning Staff

The number of age levels you have and whether or not you have crafts and recreation will depend on staff and time allowances. Many positions on staff do not require great teaching ability; so do not overlook any volunteers. Craft helpers, refreshment servers, recreation helpers, secretaries, pianists, registrars and janitors all have important roles in a successful VBS.

Have prayer partners for each staff member. Make sure each worker knows who his or her prayer partner is so he or she can tell each other about special problems or needs that may develop throughout VBS.

All youngsters need one-on-one experience with the men in the church. Encourage men to become an active part of your VBS. This adds an important dimension to your program and to the future of your church.

Where to Find VBS Workers

Recruitment for VBS workers should begin immediately. There is much work to be done before the children come! Put out the call for volunteers first through announcements in church and Sunday school. GCP has provided a form you may use as a bulletin insert to recruit workers.

It is your responsibility to ensure that staff members are recruited, whether you do it yourself or delegate the job to others. In either case, be sure to allot several weeks to recruit carefully.

  1. Match people to jobs. Pray that the Lord will guide you.
  2. Call the prospective worker and arrange a personal meeting.
  3. During this meeting, explain the goal of this year’s VBS, the job proposed and why you think the person is right for the position.
  4. Pray with the prospect and ask him/her to consider your request. Arrange to contact the person at a later date for an answer.

Encouraging Staff and Students

Your staff and students will look to you to set the tone for the day. Let them know how much you appreciate them and are glad they are participating in VBS.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11 (ESV)

Use any of the ideas listed below to offer encouragement:

  • Set aside time for staff prayer and announcements
  • Make “the rounds” to let staff and students know you care
  • Be available to encourage, troubleshoot, lend a hand and share the Lord
  • Publish a brief daily newsletter for staff and students, to encourage as well as inform
  • Arrange to have a VBS bulletin board for announcements, pictures and messages

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